Marc Rouault


TroisMille claims its space. Intended for gigantic use, it blends into the available room. Make the logo bigger is its credo. TroisMille is not really a super-family. Carefully designed with flexibility in mind, it is a system offering ‘infinite’ variations. TroisMille is inspired by the ‘crème de la crème’ of french design; from Roger Tallon to Roger Excoffon. TroisMille is responsive and comfortable within parametric environments, such as OpenType GX. Crafted as an exploration of the design space, it can also be considered a design space by itself, to be explored by the user.

I studied graphic design in the north and south of France, while my enthusiasm for type grew, encouraged by several internships in the type industry. I have been introduced in dealing with extremes in Den Haag during TypeMedia, which is great. Now back in France, I deal with various type issues in a design agency.









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