Franziska Weitgruber


Kaligari can be seen as a result of a fascination for the naivety of letter forms in expressionist art and the often unsatisfactory relation between artwork and typography in museums and their visual communication. The typeface is inspired by ex­pressionist techniques, the roots of its letter shapes lie in different experiments of analogue form finding with cutting various materials as a core approach. Kaligari includes both a serif and sans serif family member for text use. The styles share a fairly inde­pendent italic for text and an expressive connected italic for display use. The family was designed with the purpose of museum spaces as well as publications in mind.

Franziska grew up in South Tyrol and got her BA in Graphic Design at NDU St. Pölten (Austria) in 2014 with a focus on Type Design in her graduation project. A deep fascination for letter shapes as well as a desire for experimentation and exploration within the field of Type and Typography evolved while studying. Before coming to The Hague she worked in Vienna as a Graphic Designer while carrying on personal Type Design projects. Currently she is back to Vienna working in the Type Design field.






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