Jitka Janečková


Rododendron is designed for application in rock music background. The main idea was to avoid an overused forms and clichés, such as blackletter, and bring an original solutions matching esthetics of rock music environment. Letters are designed to create extremely solid lines of text while still being very lively. Typeface consists of wide range of display styles in terms of width and weight and a text style of two weights. The text style takes over a certain expressivity and a number of specific characteristics from the display. They are all meant to work together but might be also used independently. The name “Rododendron” was chosen because of the rhythmical composition of syllables reminding of sweeping the thumb or plectrum across the guitar strings.

Jitka Janečková was born 1989 in Czech republic. Before she joined Type and Media she studied Graphic design at the University of Ostrava(CZ) and Visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava(SK). Currently working as a freelance type designer in The Hague.





Jitka Janečková



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