Roberto Arista


The purpose of my research is to streamline a production workflow which enables the making of affordable movable type supplies for educational environments. Brugola is a typeface designed in order to be manufactured with CNC technology. A router cannot deliver sharp corners in concave angles, so I decided to fully embrace this limitation. Brugola’s aim is to generate solid poster compositions to be milled and then printed in letterpress. The translation from digital to analog is smothened by a Robofont plugin which helped me to highlight critical spots in production already in the drawing phase. Do you like digital manufacturing? Would you like a lettepress printed poster? Get in touch! Captions in Input by DJR.

Graphic and type designer. My work is based on the serial production of images and the development of design tools. I am always trying to scratch the surface to see how it works inside. Settled in Milan, assistant to Fred Smeijers since 2014 and currently lecturer at ISIA Urbino. I am actively collaborating with Politecnico Milano and HEAD Genève. Formerly project tutor at ISIA Urbino and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino.